Everybody Project

In her work Finding Your Own North Star, one of Martha Beck’s central ideas is that one must actively work to remove detrimental or unfavorable forces from his or her life and replace them with positive influences who will, inevitably, help lead one closer towards his or her proverbial North Star.  The author refers to this group of people as their ‘Everybody.’ 

Putting a different spin on this concept, I chose twenty individuals who I wanted to cross paths with (who inspire me in different ways) before setting off on my journey around the world.  I asked each of them to send me a photo of themselves that captured the essence of their spirit or character, or a photo of themselves in an environment they felt particularly comfortable in.  The collage of these photos is shown above. 

These people are not necessarily my best friends.  But they believe in my journey.  They are people whose stories or vision motivate me to think or act differently, and people who I can relate to in myriad ways.  Throughout my journey, I hope to take a photo of each of them holding the ‘Everybody’ card.