Wondering how to line up some of the things you truly enjoy doing?  Considering an epic trip that just isn’t coming together?  Sick of the status quo?

After turning twenty-five, I came to the realization that the excitement of living and working in Hong Kong had worn off.  A combination of anxiety from a job I no longer enjoyed and a lack of clear purpose and direction had left me feeling lost, unhappy and unfulfilled.  It was from this confusion that Passion Passport was born. 

Centered around photography and personal anecdotes from my own adventures, Passion Passport will inspire you to travel, and will challenge you to discover new environments and experience new adventures. 

Perhaps you simply need a nudge to get involved in activities that are aligned with your passions, or maybe you need to step outside of your comfort zone.  Whatever the path, you’re definitely not alone. 

Where is your Passion Passport taking you this year?