AdvenContinuing with our Q&A, we asked members of the Passion Passport family: (1) What was your favorite travel destination of 2013; and (2) Where do you hope to travel in 2014?

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Today’s travel inspiration is of Hawaii, by @liannashima on Instagram.

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Today’s travel inspiration is from California, from @heatherlynnroberts on Instagram: “We had just finished hiking through redwoods and decided to take coastal Highway 1 back to SF since there was still gorgeous light left in the day. I had never been on this stretch, so stopping to wander a few shores was the right thing to do. Starting at Bonnie Dune beach, we found a trail that led up and over the bluffs, through fields of brussel sprouts stretching right to cliff’s edge. The sun felt warm, the coastal breezes a perfect mix of salty and soft. The views stunning. This photo was taken in a moment where we stood in awe of how brilliant the beauty of the world is. Soul’s filled, we quietly, yet with natural sparks of joy, agreed it is a very good thing to celebrate gratitude.” (at

Today’s travel inspiration is from Jurien Bay, Australia, from @andrew_marr on Instagram:

"I took this shot while on holidays with my wife and kids in Jurien Bay, a small coastal town a few hours north of Perth in Western Australia. It reminds me of the fantastic time we had camping and motivates me to plan more of these experiences for my family. Many of my shots tend to involve some planning, adventure or exploration; however this shot represents the opportunist in me which I wish I could tap into more frequently. I didn’t initially intend to take any photos on this walk, but after seeing the old jetty I couldn’t resist. This is a long exposure shot using an app called AvgCamPro on my iPhone. I usually use a tripod to ensure the iPhone doesn’t move, but not having one with me I instead needed to make do by carefully positioning it on a piece of driftwood to keep it still. There has been a new jetty built to replace this one, but this image highlights the beauty of the past and how it provides us something that can still be appreciated." (at

"I took this picture on the north shore of Kauai, HI. For three nights in a row, we had eaten dinner during the sunset, and it was driving me nuts. So on the fourth night we cancelled dinner plans, picked up spam sushi and pineapples, and headed to the beach. The experience was significant because it was hands-down the best experience I had while in Hawaii. I’m reminded of this night every time I see a beautiful sunset."

Today’s travel inspiration is from Kauai, Hawaii, from @tceezy on Instagram.

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