Continuing with our Q&A, we asked members of the Passion Passport family: (1) What was the most important travel lesson you learned in 2013; and (2) Where do you hope to travel in 2014?

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Today’s travel inspiration is from Catalina Island, by @below_my_feet on Instagram. What is your favorite MARITIME memory? (at

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Today’s travel inspiration is from California, from @heatherlynnroberts on Instagram: “We had just finished hiking through redwoods and decided to take coastal Highway 1 back to SF since there was still gorgeous light left in the day. I had never been on this stretch, so stopping to wander a few shores was the right thing to do. Starting at Bonnie Dune beach, we found a trail that led up and over the bluffs, through fields of brussel sprouts stretching right to cliff’s edge. The sun felt warm, the coastal breezes a perfect mix of salty and soft. The views stunning. This photo was taken in a moment where we stood in awe of how brilliant the beauty of the world is. Soul’s filled, we quietly, yet with natural sparks of joy, agreed it is a very good thing to celebrate gratitude.” (at

Today’s travel inspiration is from California, from @frigginyonsik on Instagram:

"So, I wanted to get out of the city, and my friend wanted to clear his head from working on his thesis. Initially, I figured we were going to make the pilgrimage to Yosemite, but we arrived at Convict Lake during the nighttime, oblivious to our surroundings. This was what we saw in the morning before we made the hike to Lake Mildred — everything was surreal and impeccably crafted. Me and my friend would joke around saying that this trip was a spiritual experience, but it really was: we were pushed to our limits, shed some blood, got lost, but found our way. In a way, through all this, we found ourselves and rekindled our ambitions without even intending for it to happen." (at