Today’s travel inspiration comes from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from @ramonovr on Instagram:

"I’ve suffered flight delays before, some also on Christmas Eve, but this was the longest and also the most frustrating. But after a long and stressful journey, it was so satisfying to knock on the front door of my family’s home just after dawn on Christmas morning. And seeing family after some stressful months of separation can be so rewarding." (at

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Today’s travel inspiration is of Venice, Italy, by @miandyue on Instagram.

What was your favorite GIFT you gave or received this holiday season? (at

Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate) from Passion Passport, hope you’re staying warm! Today’s travel inspiration comes from Dominica, from @sean_ensch_images on Instagram:

"This photo is the result of an eight-mile, grueling hike up and down the peak’s of Dominica’s rainforest. It is a challenging feat passing through the Valley of Desolation’s hot sulfur springs, but once you reach the end at the Boiling Lake to this view, it’s all worth it." (at

Wishing you a bright and colorful holiday season! Today’s travel inspiration comes from Madurai, India, from @spicycheezdoodle on Instagram:

"Back to Madurai and the Tirumalai Nayak Palace, a stunning example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The courtyard columns are 4m in circumference and 20m high, constructed of brick and mortar. My sister and I were included in several Indian tourists’ photos, posing with their families. Other than feeling like a rockstar, I remember the soothing light and quiet, broken only by cooing pigeons." (at

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Today’s travel inspiration is from The Forbidden City, China, from @alepekemora on Instagram:

"To be honest I for a long time dreamed to visit the Forbidden City — in my mind it was a faraway, magical place with so much history that definitely it was on my list of adventures to do. Now I currently live in Beijing and found a park in the back of the north gate of the Forbidden City that has the most amazing view of that place from above, and I have to say that is my favorite spot in the city and a reminder that dreams come true." (at

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Today’s travel inspiration is from Bangkok, Thailand, from @alebaldwin on Instagram:

"My stay in Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Grand Palace. This landmark is home to some of the most incredible and unique architecture I’ve ever seen. The king actually doesn’t live within the complex anymore although it is still used for some government functions. And it was ironic: later in the evening we passed by the palace on the way to Khaosan rd, and we were hit with some road closures due to protests. The streets literally became a parking lot where everyone gathered to watch and participate." (at

Today’s travel inspiration is from Rome, Italy, from @gilbster on Instagram:

"I was amazed at the architecture and how there were so many old buildings still standing in Rome. It seems like the Romans really built things to last, and they did it without any modern technology; they weren’t just thrown together. It’s definitely been a great experience for me, and I would encourage any one who loves architecture or history to come here!" (at

Today’s travel inspiration is from Iceland, from @lost_in_beijing on Instagram: “I took this photo on the second day of my visit to Iceland in June 2013. I wasn’t very lucky with the weather over the first few days: the wind and rain were strong and whistling. To make things worse, my partner had let his tripod and camera fall to the ground due to the wind. As a result, his best lens was broken, and we still had 10 days in Iceland left to photograph! I felt like crying. However, when I saw this beautiful waterfall, I became strongly aware that, although photos are important, there are things that only the eye can capture.” (at

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Today’s travel inspiration is from Tianmen Mountain National Park, China, from @drewbix_cube on Instagram:

"#TBT to the scariest bus ride of my life up to Tianmen Shan, aka ‘Heaven’s Gate.’ Our bus seemed to take curves on this crazy road on two wheels. The disconcerting thing was that there were no guard rails! I took this picture at about the halfway point up the mountain which was 500 steep stairs straight up. Notice how tiny the buses look down there! Definitely not something I would recommend for peoiple with a fear of heights!" (at

Today’s travel inspiration is of┬áNational Geographic by @mllecapu on Instagram.

What is your DREAM destination? (at

Today’s travel inspiration is from Lake Norman, North Carolina, from @conorapp on Instagram:

"Early morning adventures, either at home or while traveling, are the perfect opportunity to force yourself to appreciate your surroundings. Whether I am awake to see the sun rise over a new landscape or I simply get to see my own neighborhood in a new and different light, I enjoy the morning hours because it is such a great time to reflect and enjoy the quiet buzz of the world waking up. Sometimes I do miss the sleep that I sacrifice for moments like in this picture, but if I had slept-in when would I have been able to see such a pristine and calm scene like this? I say just grab a warm cup of coffee and catch up on your sleep before the next morning’s adventure." (at